The Artwork of Mike Bennewitz AKA Son of Witz AKA butcherBaker

Orange Tulip Conspiracy Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt Logo and Graphic for Orange Tulip Conspiracy

Orange Tulip Conspiracy Tee Shirt by butcherBaker aka Mike Bennewitz

Jason Schimmel let me do more or less what I wanted with this. I was obsessed with Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe, so I illustrated this scene “Monomachy” where two future medieval figures engage in a deadly gentlemans’ duel with poisonous plants as the sun sets behind the city wall.

This tee shirt was made in support of the tour for the self titled album tour.
Screen printed by Babylon Burning in San Francisco.

Orange Tulip Conspiracy Front Cover by butcherBaker aka Mike BennewitzSee the artwork I made for that album…

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