The Artwork of Mike Bennewitz AKA Son of Witz AKA butcherBaker

Meanwhile: Test Flight

Comic Short Story

Meanwhile: Test Flight is a short comic I made in 1996. I had plans to go further with it, but school, and the realization of the ridiculous concept kept me from it. I was obsessed with this idea of this kid and his dog and a flying lawnchair. The dog was going to fly by some unexplained power too.  What a stupid idea.  I had several variations of this story, but ultimately these are the only finished pages that manifested. I guess I still like the drawings well enough.

This was all before anyone made news by tying weather balloons to a lawnchair, but now I guess that’s happened a few times. I even thing someone said there was a movie about those stories but I haven’t seen it.

This was produced in an odd way. I’ve always had a hard time settling down to a final comix page. All of the juxtaposition is difficult, so I’ve always tried to do a bit of collage one way or another. Most of these panels were all drawn in my sketchbook and photocopied to various sizes. This was pre-digital-days for me. I had to make multiple sizes because I just didn’t know what size I would need.  I collaged those onto bristol board and drew in new panels between them, or cropped them and added borders. blah blah.

This was self published zine style in Abysmal. I’m gonna have to scan some of those old things…

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