The Artwork of Mike Bennewitz AKA Son of Witz AKA butcherBaker

In Glorious Times: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Poster

Sleepy Time Gorilla In Glorious Times Poster

Per Frykdahl Poster

© Silkscreen poster print
designed by butcherBaker from Per Frykdahl’s art and Jenya Chernoff’s seed idea.

A pile up collage of Per Frykdahl’s work, inspired by Jenya Chernoff‘s Album Cover design for In Glorious Times I made this at Nils Frykdahl’s request for the band. You can barely read their name but that’s the original instance of the name from Per’s sketchbook. Commissioned by The End Records. Silkscreened by Lil Tuffy

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