The Artwork of Mike Bennewitz AKA Son of Witz AKA butcherBaker


Oversized Mini Comic Intro

Elsewhere is very large oversized comic short I made for a TV producer who was looking for ideas. I met her at APE in San Francisco when I had a table selling Trog. This thing just begins to introduce an inter-dimensional intergalactic traveler and his world(s).  I didn’t develop it very far. It was meant for animation, not comics. The band was based on Estradasphere.
A small project with some cool drawings. Originals are 22″x31″ Mixed Media on Paper.  It may be needless to say that she did not like this idea very much. She had asked me to send her stuff after seeing Trog, but I didn’t think they would actually want my creepy naked ape dude.  


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