The Artwork of Mike Bennewitz AKA Son of Witz AKA butcherBaker

Black Metal Babies

What can be more nerve rattling or panic inducing than the blood-curdling wails of an upset baby?

Think your metal vokills are edgy? Listen to my infant son during his “witching hour” and think again. In homage to the me-me-me cries of an unsatisfied child, I’ve made a series of Black Metal Baby Mini Masks for your discomfort.

These are 3 inch tall mini masks cast in paperclay. Most of them are painted with oil paint, but some are done with acrylics to meet a exhibition deadline. Currently there are 12.

On display at the Ever Gold Gallery in the Von Doom exhibition for the month of October, 2009.


A photo from the installation. I found this on the website and have no idea who took the photo. Sorry.

Black Metal Baby by Son of Witz

someone’s snapshot of the installation in the group show.

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