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Atomic Ape: Swarm


atomic ape swarm cover art son of witz

Wraparound coverspread for Atomic Ape: Swarm CD
©Son of Witz

This was a really fun project.

Atomic Ape is Jason Schimmel’s amazing band. Jason has played in two of my favorite bands, Estradasphere and Secret Cheifs, and is just an amazing guitar player. Seeing him play live is always such a treat. After the dissolution of Estradasphere Jason carried on with Orange Tulip Conspiracy, which I also did the album packaging for.  Orange Tulip Conspiracy more or less completely changed members between records and Jason decided to rename the band Atomic Ape and asked me to make some fucked up cartoon mayhem for the album cover. He sent me some rough mixes that flipped my wig and inspired a bunch of illustrations for the project.



Making the Artwork

The cover illustration was drawn on a 4th Generation iPad in Procreate with desktop Photoshop doing some heavy lifting in the compositing department.  I had been drawing on an iPad for a few years, but only with the recent ones could you work in print resolution in a pixel based setting. I’m not a vector guy so much, so I was eager to push this as far as I could. I also used a pressure sensitive stylus (Jaja) which allowed me to get it closer to what I would do with real ink and paper. This workflow was all very experimental for me.

Final sketch for cover Digital drawing ©Sonofwitz

Final sketch for cover
Digital drawing

Jason invited me to Hyde Street Studios for the mix-down of the album. Jason doesn’t skimp and go straight from digital. Everything was run through analog amps, tubes, consoles and such and dumped to tape for warmth. I respect the lengths he goes to for this project. I drew most of this drawing listening to Justin Phelps and Jason go through each track piece by piece to make it sound just right. What a treat. There are so many layers in this music and I was able to hear many isolated parts that you almost don’t notice on the record.

Before I could “ink” any of this drawing I made a quick plan of all the tonal values just to make sense of everything. This is just a quick hack job to find my way.

Atomic Ape Swarm tone Sketch ©Sonofwitz

Interim drawing to plan tonal values.
Digital drawing

I did not feel like hand drawing all of this damn rollercoaster so I made a model in Blender and used it’s Freestyle line renderer to make a line drawing. This render is composited with an Ambient Occlusion render so you can see the forms better.

Atomic Ape 3D Roller Coaster composite element

3D model for roller coaster
modeled in Blender and rendered with Blender Freestyle

Here is a timelapse video of the Procreate drawing session. There were several crashes that caused breaks in the recording, as well as a lot of back and forth between Photoshop and Procreate, which makes some things look like they appear suddenly complete. I didn’t record the inking because I didn’t think it would be that interesting. too much undo with the older un-precise ipad limitations.




The Digipak Layout

Atomic Ape Digipak Outer Spread by butcherBaker

Design for Digipak
Ink illustration at left and Digital Illustration for main cover

Design for Digipak and Disc ©butcherBaker

Design for Digipak and Disc

Design for Digipak ink illustration and digital layout ©butcherBaker

Design for Digipak
ink illustration and digital layout

Atomic Ape Digipak Cover by Mike Bennewitz Sonofwitz butcherBaker

Digipak Cover

Atomic Ape back cover digipak by butcherBaker

Digipak Back Cover

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    Mike you still amaze me Bro. Its been souch a long time since the Santa Cruz days! Love ya man!

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      Hey Rob,
      When I try to reply to your email it fails. Can you send me an email on the contact form?

  2. Son of Witz on May 31, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Woah, Man if this is the Rob I think it is I’ve been trying to get in touch again. So glad you found me. I’ll send an email. Thanks!

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